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Despite the name, Microbiology Mom is about much more than microbiology and is suitable for all ages! We aim to make STEM topics accessible to all through informal education. Science can be really fun and we hope you discover that with the help of our content. Keep in mind that we take content requests through the contact form. Here are the categories our articles fall under:

Science lists and news

Short reports on new and interesting science research and events. Lists and brief stories fit here too.

Everyday science

Explanations for observations and questions relevant to daily life. Many scientific phenomena influence what you do all day!

Science and kids

Home science experiments and activities for families. Also included is research on children.

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electron micrograph of pink salmonella bacteria on black background

Typhoid Mary and Zac Efron

More science

Right off the bat, you probably don’t think Zac Efron and Typhoid Mary have much in common. However, there’s at least one shared characteristic between the two.

black and white picture of flower

Babies and black and white

Science and kids

Young babies seem to be attracted to high-contrast, black and white objects. This is because newborns can't focus on objects clearly, see sharply, or discern many colors. But why?

Eating the rainbow

Eating the rainbow

everyday science

You likely know that a varied diet of fruits and vegetables is recommended for most people. But do you know what helpful compounds are unique to plants? Why are those compounds necessary?

New features

Minerals rock!

Rocks and minerals are a source of many things we use in our daily lives. Cobalt, which is used to make lithium-ion batteries, is sourced from cobaltite, a rare mineral. Is there a difference between minerals and rocks? How are rocks formed and reformed?