Microbiology Mom was named after two characteristics of its creator. My name is Delaney Billig, and I am a 23 year-old stay-at-home mom who has bachelor’s degrees in anthropology and microbiology, making me a Microbiology Mom! But this blog is about much more than just microbiology and being a mom.

I am very passionate about educating the general public on the environment and science in general. Some people see science as boring or out of reach, but it is actually very relevant and can be quite fun! This website was created to provide research-backed learning resources to families, teachers, and others who are interested in the sciences.

Since I am a mom, I wanted to place a special emphasis on science and children, as well as on science in our daily lives. I love sharing her knowledge with others and encourages her readers to do the same.

Microbiology Mom has articles about science facts and news, everyday science, and science as it relates to children. Many articles suggest a relevant experiment. All of the experiments on this website can be done with items found in most households. I hope to soon add worksheets and other freebies as well as paid educational content!

I live with my fiancé Joseph and daughter Adeline Chrysanthemum in Mesa, AZ. I am beginning an online master’s degree in microbiology in fall 2020 while also staying home with my baby this upcoming school year. Down the road I would like to earn a PhD and conduct research in one health and infectious diseases. When not blogging or taking care of family matters, I enjoy coloring and painting. I also like EDM, playing Yahtzee, and going on the swings. 

family photo of a man a woman and their infant daughter in the desert