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whitish gray mineral with black background

Minerals rock!

Rocks and minerals are a source of many things we use in our daily lives. Cobalt, which is used to make lithium-ion batteries, is sourced from cobaltite, a rare mineral. Is there a difference between minerals and rocks? How are rocks formed and reformed?

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brown tree snake in tree

Aliens on Earth: invasive species

Invasive species are a widespread and serious ecological problem. Although a natural phenomenon, species migration to non-native areas has occurred faster than natural due to humans.

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scientist collecting mosquitoes from outside a chicken coop

What is… One Health?

The health of humans, animals, and plants are all related, though those three topics aren’t often discussed together. One Health aims to ensure optimal health of the environment, animals, and humans by addressing those groups collaboratively.

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red blue and yellow parrot on branch

Psittacosis, the parrot fever

Zika virus is just one of many diseases spread by mosquitoes that you’ve probably heard of. But did you know that you can get pneumonia from birds? Psittacosis is a rare bird-borne bacterial illness that can cause serious systemic issues.

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person in white shirt holding jar of pickled zucchini

What is… fermentation?

Fermentation has been used to make foods and drinks for thousands of years. This is despite the fact that the science behind the process was only recently discovered. Common fermented products include chocolate, coffee, soy sauce, and yogurt, among others.

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hiv on human cell micrograph

All about HIV/AIDS

An HIV infection is a complex and often misunderstood condition. Here, we aim to educate you about the biology behind HIV as well as about HIV and society.

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plant covered old stone buildings in the forest

What is… archaeology?

Indiana Jones movies depict daily life as an archaeologist to be a dangerous adventure. But archaeological research today involves little fighting, a bit of finding treasures, and a lot of surveying and analysis. 

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waterfowl with fish in its mouth swimming

Symbiosis: natural synergy

Some people get along well, while others don’t. Similar relationships exist amongst other living things. These interactions, called symbiosis, range from mutually beneficial to parasitic.

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white ceramic sculpture wearing black cloth mask with black text above reading 'do cloth masks work?' on an orange background

Are cloth masks useful?

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks have become more commonplace in most countries. We are here to inform you on what existing science says regarding the efficacy of cloth masks!

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iceberg in ocean

What is… density?

You’ve probably noticed that some things float on water and others sink. This is due to the relative densities of the objects and the liquid they are immersed in. Density is defined as the mass per volume of a substance.

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a thunderstorm tornado and lightning touching green ground

The thunderstorm tell-all

Many dogs become frightened during thunderstorms – and their owners might, too! Where do thunderstorms come from? And why do they make lightning and thunder?

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electron micrograph of pink salmonella bacteria on black background

Typhoid Mary and Zac Efron

Right off the bat, you probably don’t think Zac Efron and Typhoid Mary have much in common. However, there’s at least one shared characteristic between the two.

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various green fruits and vegetables arranged neatly on a light green background

Eating the rainbow

You’re likely familiar with the fact that a varied diet of fruits and vegetables is recommended for most people. But do you know what helpful compounds are unique to plants? Why is it important to eat a rainbow of foods?

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extended arm holding an unlit lightbulb against a blue and red background

What is… thermodynamics?

Some people have a hard time with calculus, whereas for others it’s a breeze. Another topic that probably elicits feelings of fear is thermodynamics. But we have simplified basic thermodynamics for you!

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